Hard Facing

Hard facing is a metalworking process where harder or tougher material is applied to a base metal to extend the working life and improve production costs.

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We use the Gas Metal Arc Welding method (G.M.A.W) Including both gas shielded and open arc welding.

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Hard facing may be applied to a new component during production to increase its wear resistance, or it may be used to restore a worn down surface. Hard facing by arc welding is a surfacing operation to extend the service life of industrial components, preemptively on new components, or as part of a maintenance program.

The significant savings in machine down time and production costs has meant that this process has been adopted across many industries such as steel, mining, sugar and cement.

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Almost any metal, high wear component can be hard face treated to extend its life.                                             We use and recommend the U.T.P. Range of hard facing materials.


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